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The 23-year old reinventing the concept of pop artistry for a new generation. What makes Maia stand out is an authenticity wrapped in atypical packaging, which resonates because of its relatability. She started at 17 in California, streaming herself singing from her parents’ guest bedroom and soon became a viral sensation.

The trilogy of releases “dusk”, “dawn” and “rising” take is on Maia’s unique journey – the awkward pangs of growing up coming to life in punchy and poignant pop. Her perspective captures universal thoughts and feelings that transcends age as she transmits with a style that is both raw and refined. mxmtoon is magnetic, and once her voice hits your soul, you can’t help but be moved.

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Date: 12 October 2023
Doors Open: 6pm
Event Start: 8pm
Location: Pasir Panjang Power Station A, 27 Pasir Panjang Road, Singapore 117537
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Person S$ 82.00

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Person S$ 68.00

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