SATURDAY 25 February Band Stage

Coming Up Roses

Playtime: 1445 HRS

This Singapore-bred alt-rock trio whip up a magical, innocent world tinged with adult revelations using evocative vocal melodies and expansive sonic textures that augment folk, grunge and shoegaze elements.

SATURDAY 25 February Band Stage

Deb Never

Playtime: 1600 HRS

The Spokane, Washington native has amassed a cult following with her concoction of lo-fi guitars, 808 beats and melancholic lyrics steeped in a moody blend of grunge and hip-hop.

SATURDAY 25 February Band Stage

Ichiko Aoba

Playtime: 1330 HRS

A Japanese singer-songwriter who has been namechecked by Pitchfork for her breathy vocals and placid guitar playing. Her voice-and-guitar arrangements aside, she will also be performing with a Singapore string ensemble.

SATURDAY 25 February Band Stage

Luna Li

Playtime: 1715 HRS

The hype is real: A blend of indie rock and psych; where experimental neoclassical morphs into pristine pop, this Korean-Canadian is the sound of an everyday symphony, crafted from the perspective of the female gaze.

SATURDAY 25 February Band Stage

Lyn Lapid

Playtime: 1900 HRS

This break-out star from Baltimore boasts serious chops: classically-trained in piano and violin, the Filipino-American blew big on TikTok and has since proven to be an unpredictable vocal dynamo and a fearless genre-breaker.

SATURDAY 25 February Band Stage

Soccer Mommy

Playtime: 2300 HRS

American indie-rock darling on a sharp ascendence for her critically-acclaimed albums that have landed on best-of lists.

SATURDAY 25 February Band Stage


Playtime: 2100 HRS

Hailing from the Bay Area, California, this fast-rising Vietnamese-American soulstress is one to watch – she’s setting herself apart in today’s pop R&B scene with her luscious vocals, catchy melodies and dreamlike soundscapes.

SATURDAY 25 February DJ Stage

Didi Han

Playtime: 2000 HRS

The house-music DJ to watch – Korean-born and Paris-based Didi has been turning heads with her delicately genre-defying sets and spreading house music vibes all over the globe.

SATURDAY 25 February DJ Stage


Playtime: 1300 HRS

Mixes and sets often tinged with lush and atmospheric sounds, and a sense of play are the specialty of Singapore-based Indonesian selector Amanda Rizkita.

SATURDAY 25 February DJ Stage


Playtime: 1530 HRS & 1645 HRS

The DJ and designer behind fashion label The Salvages expresses her love for the underground, through her special brand of disco, house and funk.

SATURDAY 25 February DJ Stage


Playtime: 2200 HRS

A Romanian DJ and producer who has forged her own identity in the international techno scene with her bright, electrifying and danceable shows.

SATURDAY 25 February DJ Stage

rempit Godde$$

Playtime: 1815 HRS

The Kuala Lumpur-Singapore based artist ventures into the farthest, darkest recesses of industrial club.