sweet somethings x chio books

A pop-up book cafe featuring titles and readings by female authors, a dessert bar serving up cocktails and elegantly fashioned sweets, and a supper club – all in one!

At Sweet Somethings, you can witness the genius of Ukrainian pastry chef Dinara Kasko whose creations look absolutely too good to be eaten.  She is a pioneering pastry chef using food as a platform for peace, and namechecked on the 50 Next List of game-changers who are shaping the future face of gastronomy.

Part artist, part chef, she is famous for her silicone moulds in the shapes of spheres, triangles, bananas, cherries, and hearts. With her 700k over Instagram followers and a huge network across social media channels, Dinara has influenced a young generation of bakers, from professional chefs inspired by her methods –  some of which have been used by our very own Chef Janice Wong –  to novice cooks who use her 3D silicone moulds at home.

You can also pop over at the nearby book corner which features a special selection of books about food, music, lifestyle pursuits and topical issues about women curated by Chio Books.

Eyes on...

An art lane recognising the work of artists poised for creative greatness: Allison M. Low, Geraldine Lim, Quinatasya, The Hydrogen Explorer, and Wondebra Loh.

We also have a special exhibition dedicated to the 20-year-career of Kelley Cheng: editor, writer, curator, spatial design, graphic design, video director, interactive designer, educator, and even F&B and art gallery owner. The founder and creative director of The Press Room, her creations have made its mark on the collective evolution of the nation’s graphic design scene and also cemented her status in the international design jury circuit.

The Nest Club Sessions

Especially for party devotees, a pre-festival DJ night run by women who are changing Singapore’s DJ game. Presenting a duo of new and seasoned female DJs – AYA, a rising star in the scene for her hypnotic, high-energy sets and Ej Missy, a veteran who blurs the line between uplifting house grooves and deep, dark techno beats.

21 – 25 February Festival Ground

Allison M. Low

Allison M. Low is an artist working primarily in the field of drawing and painting, which extends to multi-media installations, murals, digital-projections and animations.

21 – 25 February Festival Ground

Geraldine Lim

A soft sculptor who is interested in the psychological context of social alienation and the threats of the non-conforming and the strange.

21 – 25 February Festival Ground


An award-winning multidisciplinary artist who creates neuroanatomical structures, human figures and living species in various mediums.

21 – 25 February Festival Ground

The Hydrogen Explorer

The Hydrogen Explorer, an architect turned interdisciplinary artist who is preoccupied with a few disparate pursuits: found objects, narratives, methodologies, and the digital medium.

21 – 25 February Festival Ground

Wondebra Loh

A rat-loving (literally!) artist-designer who finds relief in making art.

SATURDAY 24 February DJ Stage


Playtime: 2300 HRS

Vibrating with high energy, AYA serves a melting pot of hard, uplifting grooves and dark, hypnotic sounds. Her way of musical expression naturally shapes the versatile storytelling journey of her sets. Citing Daria Kolosova, Donato Dozzy & Psykovsky as her influences, AYA’s innovative approach to blending entrancing melodies with hard-hitting beats creates a magical experience on the dance floor.

SATURDAY 24 February DJ Stage

EJ Missy

Playtime: 2100 HRS

Recognised as a driving force in the Singapore electronic dance scene, Ej has held multiple back-end roles as a promoter, marketer and DJ booker. With melody as the key always, she blurs the lines between uplifting house grooves and deep, and hypnotic techno beats.